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Trade in procedure:

1. Bring your TV to NICTUS SWAKOPMUND to your nearest, preferred and participating retail store.
2. Provide proof of identification, and apply for assessment and grading
3. Once the TV is graded and Discount voucher is loaded, proceed to the counter and enjoy your new Samsung TV!

T’s and C’s
Eligibility: This trade-in program is open to all individuals who wish to trade in their existing smart LED flat screen TV for a new Samsung model in Namibia. A valid Namibian ID/Passport is required and must be 18 years of age or older.

Qualification: The purchase of your new Samsung TV Pro Forma/Invoice/Confirmed transaction is required to initiate the transaction. The TV model traded in cannot be released before January 1st of 2018 (01.01.2018). Participants are therefore limited to only trading in one Pre-Owned TV to qualify for an Offer for one Promotion TV, Tvs before 2018 will be priced and discounted at the discretion of the assessor.

Trade-In TV Requirements: The traded-in TV must be in working condition and will be graded. The grade will be determined by an extensive check of the following features:

Screen functionality: The display is without scratches, cracks or any damages.

Smart features operability: The display still operates as a smart device.

Display port connectivity: All ports are in a working order.

Internet capabilities: It connects flawlessly with the internet.

The organiser and/or “The trade-in partner” has sole discretion over the grading of TVs.

If the promotion TV is returned within 30 days, the participant forfeits the offer and will be held liable for any discounts received.

Participants must legally own the trade-in TV, and the organiser reserves the right to recover costs if the TV is claimed directly or by a third party. Serial numbers of said TV can be tracked and Proof of Purchase can be required if legitimacy of ownership is questioned.

Accessories: The TV needs to have its original power cable and remote, universal remotes do not apply, as well as standing brackets and any other original accessories found in the original packaging. The original packaging is not required but encouraged. Additional accessories will not count towards a discount.

Final Decision: The final decision regarding the acceptance of a trade-in and the applicability of the discount rests solely with the organiser and and its partners.

Unsuccessful trade in: If for the reason the trade in TV does adhere to the requirements and fails the assessment. The client forfeits the trade in agreement and will be disqualified from any discounts from the organiser and its partners.

Time frame: We are committed to ensuring a thorough and efficient assessment of all trade-in televisions. Upon receipt of your television, our qualified technicians will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the device’s screen functionality, smart features, display port connectivity, and internet capabilities. This process is designed to be completed within a reasonable timeframe, not exceeding five working days from the date of submission. You will be notified promptly once the assessment is concluded and informed of the trade-in eligibility status of your television.

Discount: Eligible trade-ins will receive a discount as a percentage of the price of the direct replacement model of the new Samsung TV. The specific discount percentage will be provided at the time of trade-in evaluation completion. The discount cannot be received as Cash back and will only be allowed at the participating stores as an in store voucher for a Samsung TV. The discount does not apply to the tv licence.

Participating retailers and there for the organiser and related partners will not be held liable for any outstanding TV licences and fees.

Samsung TV Only: The discount is applicable only towards the purchase of a Samsung TV and is not transferable to other brands or models or products. It is only valid whilst stocks last and the organiser will not be held responsible for stock shortages.

Participating stores only: Nictus Swakop.

Non-Negotiable: The discount offered is final and non-negotiable.

Trade-In Rights: The organiser reserves the right to determine which models are eligible for trade-in and to refuse any trade-in at its sole discretion.

Program Duration: This trade-in program is valid from 1 July 2024 to 27 September 2024. The organiser reserves the right to extend, modify, or discontinue the program without prior notice.

Errors and omissions: The information contained in this Trade-in Program document is provided in good faith, and every reasonable effort is made to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. In no event shall the organiser, its agents, affiliates, partners, or licensors be liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or other defects in the information contained within this Trade-in Program document.

By participating in this trade-in program, you agree to these terms and conditions