Nictus Credit Application Form

Kindly fill in this form and bring it, with all the supporting documents, to a Nictus Branch near you:

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Apply for credit online

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Cash, Debit and Credit Card Payments

  • When paying with cash, we only accept Namibian and South African notes 
  • When paying with your debit or credit card please provide us with the following documents: Identification card or passport 
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they receive a valid Nictus receipt after payment 
  • More details in-store 

Electronic Transfers (EFT’s)

  • Please note that stock can only be delivered when payment reflects on our bank statement

Lay-buy Option

  • Lay-buys are accepted on all products except any item on promotion.

Terms treated as Cash

  • 6 and 12 months area treated as cash
  • Audio & Visual equipment, appliances, cellular and electronic products are excluded.
  • If instalments are paid month on time, interest will be reversed at the end of the term.

Buying on Credit

  • When applying for an account, you need to present the following documents: Namibian Identification card or Passport, proof of income, full details (work, street & postal address and telephone numbers) of at least 5 relatives  
  • In order to make the approval process quicker and easier: Provide 2 statements of other accounts you currently have 
  • Full banking details will be required 
  • Minimum of a 10% or 20% deposit of the purchase value will be required depending on products purchased
  • 3 Months of bank statements
  • Proof of residents, example: Lease agreement or municipality account

Debit Orders

  • Debit order facilities are available and is compulsory for first time buyers purchasing on credit